A Lifestyle with a Vision

 Who should have a vision?

Every person is a leader of their own lives. And every leader must therefore be a visionary if they are to lead and live positively and productively. As youths, men, women, children. For all have wishes and desire which can actually be envisioned. Anyone can dream, thus anyone can have a vision.

How do you get a vision?

Despite different circumstances and influences we all have certain special desires deep down in our hearts. We daily paint mental pictures of how we want to be happily married. Mental picture about how we will be 15 years from now. Great visions and ideas come in this way, except that without follow-up or action no great idea is great at all. So, envisioning is the process of strengthening and widening possibilities of the actual things we wat in our lives. It is a process of building our faith – deepening our hope. It all brings the mental picture close to the reality where we are pursuing our strategic goals.


What are the results of not having goals in life?

  • Fear, worry and doubt will invade through your lack of direction and defined purpose.
  • Fear, worry and doubt are the greatest enemies of success.
  • Faith in your vision is the greatest power to success.
  • Faithlessness causes lifelessness
  • God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called!
  • The calling and the qualifying is done by faith.


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