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Diverse Consultancy Services

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For over 20 years I have been running various activities in Motivational Talks, Training and Consultancy in several Intercultural and International Communities. I have garnered experiences in various scopes including Projects, Recreation, Entertainment, Community, Entrepreneurship, Health, Finance, Faith, Public Relations, Leadership, Management, Consultancy, Governance, Monitoring, Evaluation, Arts, Marketing, Theology, Law, Broadcasting, Diplomacy and Communication.

Areas of Consultancy

Diversity. Experiences. Swift.

Multi-Media, Mobilization, Communications

Consultancy for all media activities, ideas and pursuits for radio, online, TV, Cinema, mobile, websites, branding, marketing & social.

Business, Projects, Organizations

Consultancy with establishing, building, growing, managing, planning and strategy development.

Communities, People, Outreaches

Consultancy dealing with children, families, poverty, gender, human rights, street kids, women, youths, education, transformation, health, rehabilitation, prisoners, and empowerment.


What Can We Do?

Marketing & Communications

We create all media content and strategize distribution, publication and broadcast.

Branding & Documentation

We define your remarkable professional brand into business documentation.

Projects Management

We develop project designs carrying activities, resources, timelines and mechanics.

Business Development

We carryout business research, analysis, strategic planning and execution.

Community Outreaches

We shape ideas and strategies to Mobilize and reach out to communities.

Multimedia Success Adventures

We bring your brand, news, advertisement to all media spaces.