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About the Daily SMS Subscription

The Daily SMS subscription programme is inspired from the various inspirational communication activities carried in the past years under different training and coaching initiatives. Subscribers register and pay a minimal fee to enable the delivery of daily inspirational text messages to their registered phones. This programme shares content that is developed from Master Chimbala, the lead coach and trainer for various programmes on this platform and others. 

Daily SMS Content

Self Confidence & Courage

Inspiring deep confidence and courage amidst life challenges and personal goals.

Excelling with Life Goals

Elevating the inner spirit for positive change towards personal acceleration.

Careers, Enterprise

Inspiration in careers development and entrepreneurship.

Relationships, Family

Building & repairing life-long healthy relationships at all levels.

Self, Mindset, Growth

Change, self-growth, positive thinking and success mindset.

Leadership, Management

Tips to enhance great management and impactful leadership. 

Progress is a daily mission. Keep moving forward!

Master Chimbala

Coach | Transformational Trainer | Speaker

About the Lead

Coach | Trainer


My name is Master Chimbala. I enjoy the work I do. For a gracious 2 decades plus, I have trekked a vigorous journey of reaching people through different learning and change programs. I have seen how Mentorship and Coaching  enrich people in their goals, lifestyles, businesses and relationships. 

The key is simple. Never take a lifetime to learn what others have already learnt and experienced. Take the step to learning quickly and grow effectively in order for you to be part of the learning and empowerment journey today.

Circumstances of my foundation made key words such as “diverse”, “myriad”, “miscellaneous” and several others represent deep aspects of my personal, professional and business journey. This profoundly Ied me to flourish in consultancy, entrepreneurship, multimedia and charity humanitarian works in the past two decades plus. I continue to share these lessons with others through platforms and programs such as this Daily Inspiration SMS subscription. 


Only K30 for the entire month of daily inspirational text messages.