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When I first found my eye and voice on the news desk I didn’t even realise that I had gotten there. My joining the desk was by invitation not aspiration. Like many things in life, I was busy shaping new ideas to drop onto television and radio when at the encounter of deficit I was invited to cast TV news.

At this time there where many seeking to cast news. This was not one of the priority things for me to offer effort. I had by then already been through so much else in the affairs of outreaches, communication and media features. My background was loaded with knowledge and lessons which I had been delivering across the country to organizations, colleges and schools. I was therefore a frequent guest on media shows to share on various thematic areas including human rights, gender, leadership, environmental awareness, youth issues, spirituality, conflict and peacebuilding.  

While it is inevitable that my diverse media features added levels of comfort and familiarity with the space, there had been a greater preparatory achievement upon which I soared my entry onto media. It took but a minute only for me to be tested for TV news casting and be declared ready. This was not strange to me. Sometimes in life you get to walk a road you seem to have walked before. My exhibited capacity and competence was based on other factors beyond just experience on this specific aspect. 

Well, this article is not all about my news casting entries. Check out my other articles on these stories. Here I shall share on a few keys towards successful TV News Casting.

  1. Be Aware of Your Environment: As a news caster you must be conversant with your space. This involves the people around you including camerapersons, director, fellow casters and others. You must also have an operational awareness of the equipment capturing and broadcasting you from the studio. Items such as microphones, cameras, tripods and lights are essential parts of your delivery. You don’t need to be a machine operator to be concerned about these devices. In my experience you gather more comfort and confidence once you appreciate the mechanism of what if effecting your production.

  2. Build A Strong Sense of Confidence:  If you are constantly governed by doubt, you may not succeed with TV news casting at all. It is normal and acceptable to have some fear, a little doubt and a portion of hesitation – but in the end you must gather courage to face the camera and give your confident best cast. To deliver a confident cast requires just a bit of guts and will so that you go beyond  your fears. Pushing out your strongest voice and looking up are some of the key elements of confidence building. With just a little confidence, more becomes your reality because confidence grows.
  3. Positive Practice: In order to improve your news casting abilities you must exercise your casting muscles. Practice must be your best friend. Make it a habit to cast the news of different genres in front of your friends, family and experts who may offer you guidance and some quick tips. Positive practice is about creating a trail of progress, instead of failed repetitions. This is what distinguishes correct experience from weak experience. Practice must provide growth along the process.


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