Red Carpet CINEMA for Social Protection

Red Carpet CINEMA for Social Protection


August 11, 2023    
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

The Red Carpet CINEMA for social protection services to run and be delivered successfully, people in the society should be equipped with adequate education various Social Protection programmes. This thrust includes the what, the when, the where, the how and fundamental, the why the said programmes are to be delivered.

Social protection is intended to not only deal with immediate vulnerabilities but also prevent emanating, increasing and promptly advancing aspects of inequalities, vulnerabilities, and poverty.

The aspiration of Zambia to reduce the existing inequalities and vulnerabilities among people is exemplified through various diverse programmes social services programmes delivered across the country. Success stories exhibited by recipients of different support programmes under social protection services are able to display and exemplify the heightened positive transformation in people’s lives at individual and family levels.

The Red Carpet Cinema Show is the height of celebration for the many efforts towards Social Protection services delivered among various beneficiaries. The event shall primarily display a  documentary film on SP activities featuring service providers, helpers, policy experts, partners and most importantly, beneficiaries. The documentary is produced and narrated by the Master Chimbala SURGE in conjunction with Wali Media and the Master Chimbala Foundation.

The event shall also be characterized by photo exhibitions, interviews, social interactions and teas.