Letter to My Love – Emelia

Letter to My Love – Emelia

Letter to my girl, unknown to time and dust.

Though not met with, I am abound with grace to have you – to measures I cannot suffice making account.

Though I have not met you, I feel the grasp of your enticing chemical oil immerse my presence into the rhythm of the soul of mother earth.

Yours is a heart aforeseen in great sweetness apouring massive love and precious self upon my delight.

If the days grew too cold my wonder would never find worry still, for I would know by much gratefulness how much safe I am, sound and secure I be, in your precious arms.

Your strength assures me of a lifetime puddle towards all that I seek and all that I deep-mostly desire. Your guidance yet-still pardons my stray walks and gathers my footsteps back in the order of our mutual path.

You are the one who defines every breath of my future, sensationally gathering meaning to my existence – I cherish you beyond time.

It is funny that the reasons I am jealousy of you marks the perfect rationale why I love you passionately, deeply, entirely, endlessly and almost uncontrollably

It is crazy that the things others don’t see in you cover 723 new pages at everyday inch of our distinct elegant split but mutual lives. Maybe it is because I feel every single breath of your life at the palms of my heartbeat in forms and ways impossible for any other to conceive.

It is crazy that though distanced from my perimeter, your warmth soothes every portion of my presence.

I will, live with you, for you, in you, about you and towards you.

And though I will die away from you, I will have you as my home, my hope and reason for persisting in faith to breathe again.

I promise to with you sing, dance, play, jump, walk, run and be everything we can, everywhere we want to be, anytime we choose to be. We will together count the stars from the roof of our home, feel the sun from our garden, enjoy the drizzle of the rains in a muddy walk, and smile at the rainbow gathering through our window.

I will walk you to the market, drive you to work, accompany you to class and sing you a fresh lullaby as you sleep – yet still sing another while you do. 

But, though I will, loving you truly I shall, less I will, love you than you will I me. But losing you would kill me more than loosing me would pain you. That’s just the paradox of my life-beat. Come and feel the rhythm!

Yet still I await seeing you in time less infinite.

Come Home Tonight!

Truly yours
One and Only

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