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People often ask me, “what target groups by age, trade, career, gender and industry do you reach?” 

The answer is broad, wide and deep. I have spent over 20 years cultivating spaces of diversity helping individuals, firms and organizations to thwart their way through strategies, establishment, projects, management, branding leadership, human resources growth, entrepreneurship, planning and many other scopes of coaching. My coaching services encompass a variety of avenues. 

I will help build your self-concept, confidence, career path, relationship journeys, personal lifestyle and embracing new horizons.

The various avenues of adventures that I have pursued in over 2 decades have each day prepared me for higher perspectives. This is why I effectively help support other people to stand firm in their prospects, no matter their situation.

Master Chimbala™

My Coaching Courses are Tailored for you

Let me develop a Coaching Program specially customized for you.

Being an experienced counselor and mentor I will listen to your voice; I will  understand your needs and sculpture the best transformational and empowerment Coaching route to achieve your specific goals along a strategic schedule. 

Time is now, don't keep waiting!

Start your Life Coaching with Master Chimbala

Your life is the entirety of choices and actions that you take each and every day; make your smartest move today!

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