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Summary in Pieces

My Foundations & Pursuits

Before starting school, I started my first business at the age of 6 years. By the age of 12 I had run over 30 small businesses. I thereafter got my first job just after turning 14 years old.

Counting Corners

My Exploration of Life

I  journeyed through various encounters of challenge, success, failure, loss, win, pain and hardship that premised to the grand construction of my mindset, attitude and lifestyle. My pivotal foundations are rooted in characteristics of excellence from over 20 year ago when amidst chaos, scarcity and deprivation he fostered a new hope, resilient character, critical thinking and a uniquely engineered lifestyle.

growing through seasons

My Paradigms & Experiences

The times and seasons of Chimbala’s early days presented a myriad of challenge, obstacle and opportunity. Due to the breadth and variety of unfolding encounters Master Chimbala ventured into many fields of business, learning, arts, service and community outreaches. He learnt to define himself beyond the scopes of what was existing possibilities and possessed capabilities. His aspirations thwarted the attitude for continued learning, escalating growth and perpetual curiosity. His mind and heart were embroiled in adventure and servitude. To date, Master Chimbala is a seeker of improved social welfare for all, empowerment of the vulnerable, engagement with the informal sector, support towards the under-privileged and social enterprise to solve the challenging realities of our time.

through the years

Diversity in Service

Master Chimbala has effectively and passionately served as a Transformational Trainer, Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Mentor and Strategic Consultant for different organizations, communities and projects in intercultural and international spaces since 1997. He has garnered key competencies from his diverse experiences as a multi-talented renowned speaker, performer, presenter, poet, author and conversationalist. He is a published author of audio, video and print works

Global Footprint

“when diversity encapsulates singular purpose dynamic greatness of results manifest”

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