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"I enjoy sharing a smile with someone...... who's next?"

Hello there! This is Master Chimbala. I am so very excited to finally launch the hand-written letter journey for my friends, fans, followers, mentees and students across the world. I think that the old ways of communicating via postal mail was really cool and connecting people in a beautiful way.

Well, I should already promise you that I do not have the best handwriting, but I always do my very best so that you can encounter my heart-beat via pen and paper shared with you.  Write me via this very page on this website and I hope you shall soonest be enlisted to receive a letter from ‘Letters from Master Chimbala’, soonest!

 Blessed wishes!!!

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I have enjoyed about 25 years of outreaches, training, mentoring and coaching people in different parts of the world. It has been a blessed journey for which I am tremendously grateful. At the depth of all these encounters is the touch of life. I have learnt that people, including myself seek the blessing of being reached at their hearts with love, support, guidance and friendship. I started this Letter programme to answer this life-call. It may be simple, but I am happy and excited to share love with you all in this ordinary simple fashion.

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Master Chimbala
P.O. Box 34742
Lusaka Zambia.