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MC Radio, also known as Master Chimbala Radio is a media platform of the now, deeply responding to the life issues and questions surrounding our times. This is one of the key pillar media platforms developed by the Master Chimbala brand and managed by the Master Chimbala SURGE.

MC Radio runs 24/7 with diverse life-inspiring content packaged to uplift, educate, support, mentor and inspire people, families, organizations, ideas and communities.

The MC Radio is accessible on over 12 websites setup as a click and play format of installation. Anyone can simply click play and enjoy endless inspiring radio on the platforms.

Our Radio Content Thematic Areas

Business, Enterprise, Success

Sharing business strategies, opportunities, lessons and connections for success.

Personal Development, Growth

Lead the journey of personal learning, growth, inspiration, discipline and mind-power.

Innovation, Creativity, Ideas

Inspire minds and hands of creativity and innovation in diverse spheres of life.

Transformation, Concepts, Branding

Courageously journey the change marathon of life from ills to great life heights.

Careers, Jobs, Adventures

Prepare to win at job interviews, profile preparation, and succeed in the work place.

Family, Community, Society

Achieve a more connected family and community that enhances togetherness.

MC Radio Programmes

Some content in the  diverse programming of MC Radio

Hope In-charge

Finding lasting hope.

Cultivating Business

Start, grow & manage.

My Daily life Book

Inspiring daily lives for all.

Launching Self

Talks, conversations, socialization.

Master Chimbala News

The know-how of the now

The Master Coach

Coaching people to the next level.

The Careers Master

Building modern career success.

The MC Surge Magazine

Diverse content magazine.

Master's Talk Time

Exploring life on the current issues.

Mind & Heart

Let's Achieve Mental Health Together.

The 100 Weddings

Build healthy families & communities.

A Touch on Social Protection

Let's Achieve Mental Health Together.

Earth For Life

Sustainable environmental balance.

Ask Master Show

Questions and answers with support.

The Change Marathon

Personal learning, change & growth.

Tobacco Control for Life

Giving life a chance by dealing with Tobacco.

Please Believe Now

Building pillars of faith.

Mc's Champions of Change

Change makers netwrok.

The Generalist Consultant

A touch on all the pieces.

The MC Shop

Everything shared with you.

MC Outreaches

Exploring life on the current issues.

Motivation Master

Inspiration into the future.

Write 4 Zambia

Sharing the Zambian story.

Master's Book Club

Great mentorship and learning.

Talk About

Opening talks on various issues.

My Viewpoint

Sharing personal issues of life.

Village Libraries

Inspiring readership, learning & expression.

Gardens of Life

Planting food and nature for people.

Programming Framework

06:00am to 12:00pm

12:00pm to 18:00pm

18:00pm to 24:00am

24:00am to 06:00am

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Master Chimbala Society

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Let’s Achieve Mental Health Together

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