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Today, Zambia is stormed with the growing ill-trends of behaviours especially among young people. More and more of the young are falling prey to the upcoming vices which diminish their better chances at life. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco products have ravaged many youths across Zambia. To the dismay of any caring heart, the word ‘junkie’ has found a terrible space in the classification of our youths in this generation. This trend continues to enlist more of our young ones into a life destined to suffer pain and early death.

The Media Champions of Change is a social network of media practitioners from various diverse media fraternities who stand and commit to contribute towards building a soberer, healthier, more responsible and highly productive Zambian society. These are individuals who dare to respond to the societal challenges of our time with the aim of alleviating suffering, inspiring solutions, preventing problems, reducing pain, and building awareness on opportunities and gaps for improvement and growth.

ABOUT the Establishment

The Media Champions of Change is a programme fostered by the Master Chimbala Foundation, a charity and humanitarian organization created to advance social protection, character development, development advocacy, community development, , livelihoods, entrepreneurship,  and education among children, youths and families, and communities.

The programme is run by the the lead Champion of Change, Master Chimbala. Chimbala has passionately pursued humanitarian and community work for over 25 years. He has garnered experience in training, mentoring, coaching and entrepreneurship development for over 20 years. For over a decade and a half Chimbala has delivered various activities in diverse media spaces including TV, Radio and online spaces.

Currently Master Chimbala is implementing initiatives to enhance nationwide sobriety, self-responsibility and expanded productivity among Zambian citizens. Extended from these efforts is the goal to resolve the scourge of addictions to alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

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ONLINE Tobacco Control Orientation MEDIA Meeting

A nationwide media persons Call-to-Action Tobacco Control Orientation Meeting featuring Media Champions of Change agents. The conference shall be held on Wednesday, 13th March 2024, from 09:00 hours to 11:00 hours. The entire session shall be run online on the Zoom platform.


The contest shall be carried out by the media, focusing on achieving enhanced health and life in the area of Tobacco Control.

Running from Wednesday, 13th March to Sunday, 31st March 2024.

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