Post-Election Peace Statement by Master Chimbala

Post-Election Peace Statement by Master Chimbala

Hello dear friends, this is Master Chimbala.

I know that right now people are celebrating… The whole country, because what has happened is beyond an election. It is a form of liberation.

It is not a secret that the experiences that Zambia encountered at the hands of the Patriotic Front government and regime was atrocious, was evil. The violence, the language, tribalism, promotion of a lot of bad things, bad leadership. It is not a secret. And many of us could not do much, women, our children our youths… People were shattered.

But today as we celebrate a new wind of change. A change that gives us the opportunity to embrace a country, that is coloured in many ways and embraced as one in unity. The opportunity to build a better world for ourselves. One we shall call the first world. One we shall call civilized and modern. One we shall call “One Zambia One Nation”, and such as we do all that; We cannot be… throwing stones at other people’s houses or offices.

We cannot punish those whom we feel offended us or those whom belong to other groups or political parties. We cannot wage war of revenge because in truth nobody wins.

We do not want violence. Because if we use the same ideas, weapons, the same methodology… Punishing people, vengeance… We are actually replicating the very evil we have removed by becoming the same evil.

You are doing a sim replacement – that the devil you have removed from your life becomes you, by going after them and punishing them.

So let us stop the violence, promote peace and unite Zambia.

We’ve seen the votes. The votes have no region. Have no colours, no stronghold… They’re simply “One Zambia One Nation”. And in that spirit, let us build “One Zambia One Nation”.

God bless you and thank you.




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