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The 50 Rules of Greatness has 34 pages, and shares 50 different summarized chapters on various aspects of motivational knowledge and wisdom of life. It is an A6 pocket-sized book which you can carry on you, everywhere.

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“The 50 Rules of Greatness book carries rules that are cultivated to build a winner, a victor, a hero, a champion. If you are seeking to refine key aspects and perspectives of life then this book is a good addition to your path. In very short chapters it is inspiring, challenging and encouraging.

Indeed, it is just a few small pages with very short chapters that seek to question some ideas and thoughts, principles and perspectives of the way we lead life. I believe it shall push for a different dimension of thinking and lifestyle. Allow the simple voice of this little book to challenge you towards different levels of thought and living. 

The simple, clear and summarized set of chapters means that you can walk through passages very easily and quickly, even for a non-keen reader. It is a compilation of some of my best wisdom, ideas and philosophical perspectives , all in one. The rules written in this book will help you lead a positive life of simplicity and happiness. Many great values & principles are shared on the pages of this Book.

Best wishes!”

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