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Become Successful Now is a 68 paged A5 sized motivational book loaded with many inspirational experiences, skills, lessons and ideas from Master Chimbala.



Become Successful Now is a tool for personal success and development inspired from my diverse walk in personal life, business affairs and character development. I have given some ideas on key concept of what I have experienced to be critical cornerstone in the journey to a happy and successful life. t provides experienced based lessons and perspectives of becoming a great person of success. In my view there is rare a time when the deepest of inspiration culminates into the wisest of motivation than from the blossoming bosom of encounters. I treasure lessons garnered from experience because we grown better with the practice of life. In such a journey we become stronger and more innovative in our thinking patterns as human beings.

This book therefore capitalizes on the remise of experience to sharpen concepts that can shape an inspired journey of hope and inspiration. I hope that some pages in the slides of this books shall share useful insights on how you can take each day and turn it into a measure of success, greatness and happiness.

It is intended that this book shall challenge and inspire you towards enhancing your performance on the road to attaining personal success and happiness. The content is holistically inspired from my walk  through layers of life. 

You will also be inspired to cultivate greater potential and power within yourself while unveiling greater hope, energy and inspiration for your life of happiness. It is hoped that this book will through you inspire many other people, as well.


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