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Social Protection delivered to persons who are disconnected from owning their own deserved service is in itself a failed attempt at embracing beneficiaries in a long-term sustainable growth journey.

Citizenry must be primary participants to the social services they receive. The cadre of persons delivering the services must exhibit high quality customer services along this journey.

This BOOK seeks to equip the service delivery person to heighten their quality of service delivery resolve, style, attitude and cause. 



The true power of societal positive change and development stems from the strength of its people. Social Protection is well-envisioned by those who seek to elevate the living standards of their people while alleviating suffering, pain, poverty, inequalities and vulnerabilities from society.

The best Social Protection services delivery mechanisms, just like in quality business services delivery must be thwarted very deliberately, at every step.

This Book is a Step by Step journey to mainstreaming transformation of the minds, hearts and hands that deliver social protection services to beneficiaries. Quality service delivery is as important as the very service being delivered.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, providing excellent customer service is crucial for the success of any organization. For this reason, it’s essential to constantly seek new ways to inspire and improve your customer service strategies in delivering Social Protection services. That’s where the book, “Inspired Social Protection Customer Service” frosts apart.

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