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Master’s Public Speaking Mastery is a masterpiece by Master Chimbala. It is a journey of a lifetime that encapsulates Master Chimbala’s marathon in pen, voice, radio, TV, online, talks, training and events across intercultural and international spaces.




The “Master’s Public Speaking Mastery” book is drawn from various pursuits of public and private interactions that I have undertaken in the past 20+ years. My early encounters found the stage in classrooms and conference places among university students, graduates, entrepreneurs, retirees and top leaders who were, in my beginnings, way beyond my achievements and scope.

I have also served as a Master of Ceremony in the past three decades. During these seasons, I have also delivered international training, media hosting and event MCing among diverse spaces and responsibilities.

Other spaces were territories packed with great achievers and senior academicians. From that picture alone, you will notice that the audience often has the power to determine your public speaking success. This book is designed to help you thwart the craft of public speaking in any given environment and assignment with whatever audience, if at all.

This book travels with you along a journey of equipping points of strength for public speaking. The assignments that this book answers include the confidence of the speaker, preparation, dealing with large audiences, managing anxiety, media appearances and question-and-answer sessions. There is a 360-degree approach to the subject at hand intended to help uplift your capacity for public speaking and conversations.

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