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If only the word “ACTION” meant that all things come to life, then media success would be for all.

This book pursues to fashion today’s would-be TV and online show hosts, whether for  mobile-phone run shows, website based programmes or a Reality TV spectacle, it is one journey of building the key qualities to manifest the best TV personality in you.



Practical experiences have shaped the way through to modelling the contents of this book. I have been blessed and privileged to have spent the prime media encounters in fostering informational, inspirational and transformational media programmes for several years now.

This track has unveiled exceptional masterfulness in my scope of entertainment and education for the masses in Zambia and Africa.

The book, “The Exceptional TV Presenter”, endeavours to share with you the modern and effective ways you can cultivate and harvest a successful TV and Online Show presenter in you, wherever you are and whatever idea you wish to launch.


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