BOOK – The Great Zambian


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This BOOK is a call seeking the mind and heart of endurance, perseverance, persistence, hope, faith, zeal, courage and resilience among the Zambian people in the wake of both challenge and opportunity. It is intended for the mother, child, neighbour, mentor, teacher, leader, prayer warrior, change-maker, believer, artist, civil servant, politician, parent, friend, traditional icon and the skeptic.



The destiny of nations is shaped by its people, the true custodians of power, song and responsibility. This book inspires and challenges the Zambian citizenry to embrace the ardent call to patriotic duty in their roles and responsibilities as the blessed masters of their own life journeys. From the moment of inception through all the seasons of one’s life the great citizen seeks to sharpen and shape the best possible envision home, their nation. Indeed, it is in the mastery of our deeds that the good we want comes alive.


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