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From heart, mind and soul, this book is a genius piece of love captured in vibrant living words destined to soar through the pierce of embrace. It is yet another masterpiece of Master Chimbala’s creative works. Share it as a gift. Order some copies for your loved ones.




“Out of this world”, is the term one may describe the poetic and philosophical flow of this book entitled, “This is how much I love you”. Over the years the book has carried many a title, but could not find home with a title as simple and authentic as the “This is how much I love you”.

If you have met love, or desired it from the spectacle corners of observations then you may behold the concept of love only in ways that you may describe. For many who have endured the contours of Love the experience entails great confidence of what-like to define the encounter, but never the prediction relevant to foretelling of what the next journey may be, especially for the path not yet taken. 


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