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“Words give the power of creation. The sound of meaning. The shape of life’s infrastructure. Words part waters between life and death. Words are power beyond the spaces of all dreams.

May this book be transformative, inspiring and equipping for you. I wish you well.

This book is a self-covered A6 pocket sized publication of 64 pages”




There is no deeper encounters than much hailed in the heart along the engineering of this book. I enjoyed the vibrating enthusiasm of life, hope, aspiration and resilience throughout the roadmap of construction. I wish for you such an encounter, as you make your own perusal from page to page

I also wish to challenge you to take a unique step of consuming knowledge by practicing the works shared through this book. Sample materials have been produced into audio clips which are shared on Voice 2 Life podcast website. The sample audio series captioned on the podcast website unveil just a few audio clips and running for just a few sentences drawn from the main book. Best wishes!

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