Refining Trust

Love finds promises in the best places of your heart when you choose to be breakable. True love cannot occur in a person who is hardened with defense structures in fear of heartbreaks and disappointments. So, drop your fences. remove your doors and let some cool fresh air find its way into your heart. As such, the cook breeze may just sooth and prepare your soul for the destiny of love. Love never wants to be delivered in portions like medication dosages or layers of meals, no ways. Love is jealous and only desires to be shared in fullness and fulfillment beyond every corner.

So, when you love, simply love. Place no conditions, rules, benchmarks or redefinition standards. That is the journey of love. Find and make your the ultimate pinnacle tory of love. This is how to keep your love growing.


  1. What is the most special thing you would do for your love partner?
  2. How do you know that this is what will make your partner happy?
Share your responses via the comments area provided below. Successful participants shall be contacted via their email shared on this platform. One Winning participant shall be award Master Chimbala’s book entitled, ’50 Rules of Greatness‘.  

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