A Marathon of Activities for

Social Protection 

with Master Chimbala

Addressing poverty, Vulnerability & Inequality

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Social Protection Awareness and Promotions Activities

2023 to 2024

Addressing Poverty, Vulnerability & Inequality




The Social Protection Awareness Activities

What else is happening?

Cinema Count-Down


7 Days Count-Down Alerts

Multimedia sharing of updates and alerts to wards the main big day.

Teaser Talks

October to Nobvember

Delivery Talks on SP

Reach out to communities to deliver teaser talks on the upcoming SP Red Carpet Day.

National SP Conference


Hold Online National SP Conference

Host the nation-wide online conference on Social Protection awareness.

SP Audio Book Launch


SPCS Audio Book

Launch the Social Protection Customer Success Audio Book

Media SP Training


SP Training for Media Persons

Hold the Social Protection training for multi-media persons

SP Red Carpet Cinema


Hold Red Carpet Cinema Show

Host the SP Red Carpet Cinema Show for different SP stakeholders.


Social Protection

Customer Service

Visit this series page on the Voice 2 Life Radio & Podcasts to enjoy the summative audio book of the ‘Inspired Social Protection Customer Service‘.

Some Thematic Areas

What else is happening?

It is time to build strong and sustainable pillars of social protection for all people.

SP Red Carpet Cinema - Registration