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DATES: 1st to 21st November 2022.

About the Online Course

Start from Zero

There is a definite special power in being vulnerable at Zero.

I remember delivering a lesson among women organization leaders in East Africa where I shared on the power of vulnerability. Then and every other time elsewhere this topic sparked questions and protests. “What?” “What do you mean?” How can vulnerability be any good?” “But people are suffering due to vulnerabilities?”

I have carried out personal sessions in counseling, mentorship and coaching for different people for over 20 years. The blessing and load of carrying their journey along the process of learning, healing and growing is always a miracle I never conceptualize until we arrive together at the better place, far from where we begun. So, indeed, dealing with personal life challenges is a process .

During these heavy moments I often hear,

“Master, this is the end of me. I can no longer survive. I am tired of being strong. My goals are at zero. My life is stagnant. I am stuck. I feel like giving up. Why was I born? Why do I exist?”

When my clients tell me that it is over for them, that they are completely at the bottom level, right at Zero; then  I tell them how it can therefore never be any worse. The true power of a human being is far beyond possessions and opportunities. The crust of strength potently accrued in the vessels of each of us thrives above the realms of tangible materials and visible objects. This is because all these things are not the primary capital but finished products in themselves.  People must learn to harness strength and harvest power in themselves.

This, seemingly philosophical and poetic taste of the power of powerlessness is the apt gist of this course. Don’t worry, all our lessons are practical, real-life steps and scenarios intended to engage you in the learning process of discovery, innovation, goals, and pursuit. Happy learning! 

Content and Activities of the Course

Picking up from Zero

This course is an inspirational, transformational and empowerment set of experiential lessons designed to challenge ideas and thoughts towards achieving a new dimension of life. There is no intention to deceive any participate that there are easy miracles on this journey. Just like life unveils to all of us, we all achieve the triumph of our hard work.

My mission and focus is to share content drawn from my personal experiences and various lessons that I have gathered in years of diverse encounters. I have been at zero in many ways and at many times. I have embraced life-long learning while pushing for the agenda of growth and happiness.


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Master Chimbala

 Transformational Trainer

Life Coach | Speaker

About the Lead Coach | Trainer

The Circumstances of my foundation made key words such as “diverse”, “myriad”, “miscellaneous” and several others represent deep aspects of my personal, professional and business journey. This profoundly shaped me to flourish in consultancy, entrepreneurship, multimedia and charity-humanitarian works in the past two decades plus. I continue to share these lessons with others through platforms, initiatives and programmes such as this Start from Zero Online Course.

My name is Master Chimbala. I enjoy the work I do. For a gracious 2 decades plus, I have trekked a vigorous journey of reaching people through different learning and change programmes. I have seen how Training, Mentorship and Coaching  enrich people in their goals, lifestyles, businesses and relationships.

The key is simple. Never take a lifetime to learn what others have already learnt and experienced. Take the step to learn quickly and grow effectively in order for you to reach the great heights of your aspirations.

This learning journey is fashioned from years of diverse intercultural experiences in teaching, training, coaching, inspiring, counseling and guiding individuals, companies and organizations in the past two decades. See you in class!


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