The Burden of Africa

The Burden of Africa

There have been very little conversational responses from the western nations. Africa’s debt has strongly been inter-linked to crude titles on Africa like: poverty and HIV/AIDS. These two remain related as they propel each other. Besides, it is notably factual that most deaths in Africa have been as a result Malaria. And apart from these two come the many other sudden and tough diseases to deal with. These include cancer, STDs/STIs, TB, cholera and many others. And they all point to the African economy, governance and capacity. Today, African governments are unable to provide true elegant leadership. It is indeed more than true to say that the ideals of African leadership are heavily injured by greediness, deception, corruption, and selfishness.

Mentioning the difficulties of Africa would indeed take quantities of paper and ink. But, another gap of interest is the evaluation of hope in the many depressed and impoverished Africans. If development is to take place anywhere, in any nation/ community – people must best the greatest tool, HOPE. To hope that tomorrow will be better than today. To have courage that the disastrous circumstances of today are just but stepping-stones to stronger and better heights. The African individual needs to acknowledge this heartedly. There is need for the restoration of African culture and traditions that influence the primary faith in them.

As at now, I evaluate the problems of African as more than the externally driven calamities may be weighed. The fait and hope of the African peoples has been destroyed over time. This is so due to the continuing state of social, cultural and economic affairs.

This is to emphasize that as much as external justice is being fought for, the internally steered efforts of the African people remains prime factors towards Africa’s comprehensive liberation. It is worth appreciating that pioneering native leaders of Africa are self-lessly doing their best in contributing towards the betterment of the continent. Leaders like Nelson Mandela, and Kenneth David Kaunda. Works such as theirs continues to impress and motivate this generation of the young. I believe that it is vital for people to culturally accept the ideal that we all are challenged to make a difference not just for our own sake, but also to be relevant and beneficial to others. And this is the true value of life, and in this way we shall all endeavor to contribute something positive in a mutual way – thereby contributing to the holistic process of African development. Examples expressed by Kaunda, Mandela and many others are such a loud voice calling for unity and concerted efforts toward the African affairs.

Why does a person who has performed heroic duties, and earned his dues, tasted power and has sufficient economic capacity – not just relax and enjoy their successes? If they have all the capacity to fly them anywhere and buy them anything why do they remain in Africa? And why do they get down to the many poor shanties of Africa and mix with the marginalized, the impoverished, the sick, and the disabled. After being Presidents/ Leaders just what takes them back to these needy communities? There cannot be any better Africa without people working hard, with love and passion, and these are the things that drive Africa’s pioneer leaders to work on. And this must be African people’s motivation. And that’s what constitutes internal healing.

Africa’s internal embraces positive thinking for a better tomorrow, self-less hard work, persistent determination, love for one another and love for Africa.

By Master Chimbala

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