The Critical Harms of Tobacco

In any form and in any type of packaging Tobacco consumption remains as a major public health issue that causes negative effects on an individual’s physical, emotional, and financial well-being. The consequences of consuming tobacco are very many. Often these ills are ignored by persons who consume tobacco.  Awareness efforts are carried out only to a minimal level.  There is more that should be done to achieve lasting change among the many victims of tobacco.

Tobacco consumption causes cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and brain injuries including stroke. It also increases the risks of blood clots, hardening of the arteries, and high blood pressure. While there may be other contributory reasons for suffering the wrath of various diseases Tobacco presents its own hefty bounty of painful health fractures that require endless financial, and emotional suffocation among victims and loved ones.

Cancer comes into the picture with its own devastating encounters. Tobacco causes various types of cancer including lung, throat, and bladder cancers. Tobacco also increases the risk of kidney, stomach, and pancreatic cancers. 

When you notice people around you getting uncomfortable during your smoking or whatever nature of Tobacco consumption, then you must dare to care about their situation.

Yearly, secondhand smoking causes 1,200,000 deaths worldwide. You can go further than just daring to reason about people’s discomfort and simply choose to Quit using Tobacco products. There are many solutions, guidance and steps towards Quitting Tobacco. One challenge journey is run as a Master Chimbala initiative embraced as a physical change outreach and online inspirational guidance towards quitting tobacco. You are indeed surrounded by many opportunities for change.

Men become alarmed when they learn that Tobacco also causes reproductive problems. In fact, Tobacco can cause reproductive damage to both women and men. It can lead to infertility, miscarriage, and possibly low-birth weight. These danger tend to be costly and difficult to remedy. So, why consume Tobacco products at all?  

It is indeed safer to just avoid Tobacco. Encounters with it leave its users in regret, pain and loss. No one can truly justify why they smoke. Except for the addiction-based reasons, Tobacco remains as non-attractive series of deadly products.

How can anyone defend a leisure-product which causes respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other coughs? Lung cancer is so far incurable. Tobacco is the culprit on that too. These diseases attack the breathing mechanism of the human body which creates more health complications pointing towards a deadly end. 

Imagine getting your teeth becoming messed up by Tobacco. No need to imagine. This is happening to several people everyday. 

Tobacco causes bad dental experiences. Tooth discoloration, too loses, terrible breath, and gum diseases are all ailments caused by Tobacco. These problems are all manifesting while depleting the victim’s financial muscle.

Yes, tobacco is never kind to your health, and certainly has no heart for your money. It consumes your money, destroys your body, and eventually deletes your life from the face of the earth. While all this is happening, the victim is psychologically oppressed, distressed, suppressed and for some even depressed.

The environment is not spared. Tobacco account for heavy tree loses in deforestation programme intended to clear land for Tobacco farming. This remain a burden on the environment. Tobacco consumption also causes pollution. Cigarette butts are a major source of pollution worldwide. The discarded cigarettes can also harm wildlife and pollute the water and soil.

The harmful effects of tobacco are too numerous to avoid. The pain is too heavy to condone further. Quitting smoking is the best way to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco and improve people’s overall health and holistic well-being. The Government of the Republic of Zambia must enact the Tobacco Control Bill in order to SAVE ZAMBIA FROM TOBACCO.


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