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Training and Life Coaching services by Master Chimbala are drawn from years of experiences in Community Works, Corporate Training services, Personal Coaching, and diverse exposure in intercultural and international communities for the past 20 years.

Personal Development & Success Training

Building success with your Interpersonal Skills, Public Speaking, Confidence, Career Growth, Emotional Intelligence, Setting Goals, Relationships, Fruitful Conversations, Personal Entrepreneurship, Finances and more.

Community Development & Social Change Training

Effective training in Human Rights, Gender, Civic Education, Good Governance, Democracy, Reproductive Health, Community Transformation, Social Entrepreneurship, HIV & AIDS, Nutrition, Behavioural Change, Counseling and more.

Business, Leadership & Management Training

Modern and strategic training centered on Business Establishment, Organizational Growth, Effective Leadership Skills, Strategic Marketing, Media Relations, Digital Media Footprint, Enhanced Peak Performance, Productivity etc.

Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship Skills

How to plan, pursue and succeed with Community Businesses, Winning with Social Enterprises, Customer Success, transformational Concepts, Community Business Mobilizations, Affiliations & Memberships, Media and more.

Experiential Training and Coaching (ETC) Programs

ETC carries candidates through a practical learning and growth journey built with challenges, exposure, responsibility, productivity, character development in business, leadership, community outreaches, career pursuits and more.


  • Community Mobilization and Campaign Strategization
  • Public Awareness and Mobilization
  • Public Relations and Communications
  • Projects Management, Development, Training
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Innovative Multi-Media Development Training

Rapporteur Skills, TV Concept Design, TV Program Development, News-Casting, Programs Presenting, Producer Skills, Online & Print Publishing, Media Personality Branding, Media Production Marketing & Sales, Research etc.



Public Speaking & Confidence Building Training Workshop

Successful public speaking and personal confidence are critical qualities of personal and professional journey in careers, entrepreneurship, leadership, management and governance.

DATE: 2020

TV Concept Development And Success Training Workshop

Get the practical skills and tricks for you to succeed with building a TV ideas all the way to a successful media project that creates a lasting impact for you, the society and your team.

DATE: 2020

Customer Success & Business Brand Appeal Training Workshop

This course shall equip you with the key persuasive mechanics of inspiring customer to satisfaction and then more. This course shall help you achieve successful customer retention.

DATE: 2020

Training Workshop on How to Establish a Successful Organization

From idea, to concept, documentation, branding, mobilization, membership, registration, strategic planning, staffing, management, programs, projects, evaluation, resources, monitoring.

DATE: 2020

Conflict Resolution, Mgt & Peacebuilding Training Workshop

A paramount learning journey for leaders, communicators, professional, entrepreneurs, PROs, Marketers, Social Worker, Management, Unionists, Politicians, and community Workers.

DATE: 2020

Emotional Intelligence For Personal & Corporate Success Training

Building a successful work-place environment that fosters understanding and progressive appreciation of people traits, strengths, challenges, capabilities & personalities.

DATE: 2020