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Beauty. Make-Up. Hair.

Sharpen cool new looks and feel for every soul.

Fashion. Lifestyle. Plan.

Styling the modern class of fashion and lifestyle.

News. Arts. Communication.

Strength in heart, mind, body and outlook.

Fitness. Health. Mind.

Strength in heart, mind, body and outlook.

Ideas. Climate. Travel.

Ecological ideas and travels in global spaces.

Careers. Jobs. Business.

Quest between enterprise and jobs in career paths.

Inspire. Charity. Media.

Evolving from picture, sound, to service and inspirations.

Podcast & Radio

Audio content shared through radio, online & podcast spaces.

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Diverse content shared on TV, Newsletter & Online Platforms.

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Features on websites and social media areas.


Master Chimbala Magazine


The Master Chimbala Magazine is a brand of positivity and diversity. It has been shaped after a myriad of great trails of pursuits and accomplishments at the hands of communities, businesses, families, individuals and organization. When an idea is born from the greatness of history, its foundations stand of exceptional pillars. This is the cornerstone and strength of the MCM. 

MCM is named after its pioneer, Master Chimbala who is an African humanitarian worker, trainer, coach, mentor and media icon. 


MCM is inspiring business innovation and futuristic thinking in ideas, strategies and goals.

Human Power

MCM is building highly equipped characters, minds, and attitudes for modern creations. 

Technology & Creativity

MCM is harnessing heightened creativity solutions in technology, health, education & lifestyle.

Media Interlinkages

MCM functions as a hub of modern media trendsetting for enhanced development. 

Learning & Change

MCM promotes transformative education through readership, talks, coaching & mentorship.


MCM seeks to support diversities in thought, ideas, races, tribes, experiences and backgrounds.

You have the power to make the world that you want, the world you deserve, the world you initiate, the world you seek, the world you yearn after, the world you mastermind, the world you design, the world you desire, the world you wish for, the world you perceive, the world you dream, the world you engineer, a Masterpiece – your own World!

Our Team

The Master Chimbala Magazine is shaped by a diverse team of minds and hearts


United Kingdom Lawyer | Ministry


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Liv Berit

NORWAY Social Worker


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FINLAND Economist | Social

Dr. Moreblessings

Medical Doctor