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camera, lens, prime lens

TV & Radio Adverts Creations

We conceptualize and produce catchy advertisement content for Radio and TV.

film, photo, slides

Photography & Graphics

We produce unique, creative and quality graphics and photos of all genres. 

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Video Productions

We capture and produce videos of events, projects, stories, reports, profiles, & content.

video, template, website

Websites & Social Media Creations and Mgt.

We plan, setup, create and manage brilliant websites and social media platforms.

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Scripting, Translations, Voice-Overs & Narrations

We develop great scripts, voice-over talents, narrations and language translations.

notebook, book, leather

Book Publishing & Author Success

We build, brand, broadcast and boost the Author and their publications into success.

let us publish your book

Simply printing your book and selling to a few friends and followers does not constitute your greatest achievement in the circle of publications and productions, you should harvest more accomplishment from the adventure. Let us build your publication ideas into a successful reality. From an idea, to conceptualization, story-content-planning, scripting, typesetting, formatting, proofreading, refinement, branding, print, marketing, launching, distribution and promotions for the publication and the author.

Let us create radio adverts for you

Ideas. Scripts. Voices. Sound. 

Giving Life to Ideas!

We are building concepts that connect life to your wishes and needs. Fitting the market and seasons is as critical as linking content with the consumer and end-user.

Let us create tV Adverts for you

Your brand. In a creative style.

Location is everything, that's why we are everywhere, everytime!

Master Chimbala is a center-piece of many dynamic and diverse brands operating in different geographical locations, communities, organizations, scenes and platforms in the sphere of quality service delivery, innovation and success mounting. 

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