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Learning & CHANGE

Life Coaching, Success Mentorship

We provide step-by-step journeys of transformative coaching and mentorship that empower participant along a marathon of personal growth and success. Some packages are strategically designed with therapeutic pathways that help participants to regenerate healing from past ills, pain and difficulties. This enables a healthier and a more stable foundation to establish your life, family, career, entrepreneurship etc.

Team Building & Motivational Retreats, Workshops, Master's Master Class, Workshops on WhatsApp, Inspirational Talks

We cultivate your team dynamics, customer success, management emotional intelligence and media marketing trends among other field of training. Learning ventures are packaged in various assortments such as the Master’s Master Class, Workshops delivered digitally online and on WhatsApp and short inspirational talks to catch participants early morning, or mid-morning, at lunch or sharpening the afternoon as the day slows-down. Workshops are run for half a day, full day and several days depending on the content and goals of the training needs. 

Productions & Publications

Photography, Video, Book Publishing & Voice-overs

Conceptualize and produce outstanding quality photos, videos for all events, projects and ideas. Master Chimbala works with the best teams in delivering exceptional works in graphics works, typesetting, audio and video productions.

Websites & Social Media Creations

We capture the latest website designs that befit our branding, style and business acumen. Millions of people have access to online platforms including websites and social media platforms. Our service optimizes your digital footprint and pushes up your brand presents by creating media contents shared through your-well-branded platforms.

TV & Radio Adverts Productions

Your brand, firm, products and services are place at the centre of a masterpiece in radio and television adverts. These productions carry talents, skills, experiences, voices, write-ups and the magical ingenuity that delivers top-cream value.

Events & Outreaches

Hire Master CHIMBALA as Master of Ceremony

MC has served as MC in various events in over 20 countries around the world with a timeline of over 25 years. He is a gifted conversationalist, TV presenter, Inspirational Speaker and seasoned events Organizer.

Hire Master CHIMBALA as Toast Master

MC blends joy, laughter, inspiration, blessings, poetry, music, speech and his intercultural prowess to deliver the best Toast for any events including Launches, Anniversaries, Weddings, Birthdays, Retreats etc.

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